Our Story

‘For babies with style’

This is my son. It was while I was on maternity leave that I came up with Funky Giraffe and just a year after he was born I was up and running. You could say it’s all down to him!

Part of being a mum was dressing my son up – it was our thing (well, mine at any rate but he never complained). My little boy was full of fun, joy and real little character. Like every other parent, I thought he was the most special person in the world and I wanted his clothes to be as individual this, not just to fit him. Many of the baby clothes on offer were poor quality and had no real character, so making up his own clothes and accessories for him was an obvious thing for me to do. It helped that I love clothes and fashion and that I’ve worked in the fashion industry previously.

Words soon spread and soon my family and friends were the same clothes my son wore. After a bit they insisted that they should buy them from me.

And that’s how Funky Giraffe came about.

The main idea behind Funky Giraffe is that dressing your child should be a pleasure and not a chore. I feel it's a great bonding experience. I provide the knowledge of fashion, textile quality, our team of inspired designers provides an exciting range of products, we price them sensibly – and you get what every customer dreams about: real style, top quality, excellent value.

It goes without saying, we love our customers. We talk with them on social media, we love to meet them, and we ask every one of them to fill out a survey so we can be sure that our service and products are the best we can make them. Many of our ideas are inspired by our customers. All this feedback is there for customers to read. We know that our customers make this company – and we intend to keep hold of our customers by giving them a service they won’t find anywhere else.

Now my little daughter is also in Funky Giraffe bibs, and I am really loving making new designs for girls and dressing up my daughter in them.