Finding out your pregnant, what next!?

Pregnancy pregnant what to do if pregnant

It can be a whirlwind of emotion when you find out you are pregnant. You can feel excited, nervous, overwhelmed, thrilled or maybe even apprehensive.

Go easy on yourself as you will be experiencing a rush of hormones and it will take time for you to process the big change that is about to happen.

Here are some good tips to start you on your journey.

Keep a diary of your Pregnancy

This doesn’t need to be a regular journal but you will find it helpful to pop your thoughts down as it can help you process some big things. Also, you will find it really helpful if you keep track of how you are feeling healthwise. You may start suffering from morning sickness soon so keeping a track of what you eat that makes you feel better or worse will be really useful.

As your body changes you may love to look back and see how your belly grows with your little one inside.

Get a book or special box to keep your notes and pictures in, both you and your child will love to look back on these years from now.

See your healthcare provider

You will need to make an appointment as soon as possible so they can talk you through all the important things. Your first appointment will be quite a long one as you will be given diet and exercise advice, you can talk through any worries you have and your health history will be taken so they know if they need to keep an eye on certain things. This is time for you to ask any and all questions, they will really want you to leave feeling calm and in control so make sure you ask everything you want to!

Stock up on info

This can come from any source, from your mum, your friends who have had babies, internet sources like netmums and baby books. But remember to take a lot of advice with a pinch of salt. Lots of people will want to give you advice with the very best of intentions but remember you know your body best and your midwife and doctor are the best source of info for how your pregnancy is progressing.

My mother in law told me not to put my arms over my head as this will cause the cord to wrap around babies’ neck, this is absolutely not true so don’t let people scare you with old wives tales!

The boring stuff about Pregnancy

Spend a bit of time on your finances, this will help in the long run as sticking to a budget and not overspending will keep stress from creeping in later. Also, check your maternity and paternity rights and decide what you will be doing for child care. Much better to get this done sooner rather than later as once the big decisions are made you can chill out and focus on the fun stuff!


If you are anything like me you will love making lists. Lists of things to get done before baby arrives, lists of things you need to buy for baby, lists of things you need in your hospital bag, the list goes on!
It is really helpful to have things down in writing as it can seem a little overwhelming with the number of things you think you will need. Really a newborn needs very little, somewhere to sleep, a car seat, clothes and of course some adorable bandana bibs.

Remember to relax

Pregnancy can seem extraordinarily fast and unbelievably slow all at the same time so give yourself time to enjoy each bit. Ask for help when you can and take each month as it comes. Look after yourself, eat well but don’t deny yourself treats either! After all your body is working super hard so needs a bit of pampering!



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