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Our story



For funky fabulous babies everywhere 

Like any new parent, having a baby in your life means entering a whole new world!  For instance, I don’t think I had ever looked at babies bibs before I had my son, certainly not closely anyway!  I can honestly say, Funky Giraffe was inspired by the birth of my son and the little dribbler he turned out to be!

Right from the moment he was born, Eren was bursting with life and character and I wanted to dress him in clothes that weren’t simply functional, but fun, funky and full of personality  just like him! My background in the fashion industry means, clothes and fashion have always played a huge part in my life. I expected children’s clothes to be bright and colourful  and was really quite disappointed by many of the baby clothes I came across, which I found to be quite bland looking, of poor quality and not much fun to choose!  So I thought about what I wanted and decided to make my own clothes and accessories for him instead. It was so exciting when people stopped and asked me in the street where I got his clothes from and soon I was making clothes for my friends children too. They loved them, wanted more and started insisting they paid me for them and hey presto, I was suddenly in business! Funky Giraffe became the new kid on the block!

Babies are expensive, there’s no doubt about it! I wanted to design and create a range of clothes and accessories that wouldn’t hurt parents pockets.  Stylish, quality items parents could enjoy buying, items representing excellent value. 


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Connecting with our customers is what we are all about and we love hearing from all the mums, dads, aunts, uncles, granny’s and grandpa’s out there. You are like an extension of my  friends children I first designed for and I particularly enjoy seeing the many photos of  little ones rocking the funky fabulous look on our various social media sites. Our relationship with our customers is something we are very proud of, we encourage your feedback and thoughts about our designs as we want to continue to provide the kind of service and products we set out to do.

My family, much like Funky Giraffe itself, is growing and we now have a lovely daughter. She too has sparked a whole new range of designs reflecting her personality! We are are family business creating what we hope are practical stylish and fun products for other families. Make sure you come and say hello.








See why our customers rate our service as excellent

See why our customers rate our service as excellent