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Our products

How we develop our products

Much experimentation went into the design of all of our products and when my son was small he was our little test pilot. Being a mum changes your perspective on life and our place in it, and not only did I want to protect my children I wanted to protect the world they were growing up in. Making sure our products are as safe as possible is not just about compliance with the law, it’s a personal commitment as a mum to my child.

For real mums

As a mum, I know that the most important aspect to any baby product is it has to be practical. Like most mums I have wasted money on items which look great but are impractical for day to day use and so were never used. I have designed all my baby clothes to be as practical and effective for their job as we can make them.

Our Bandana and Cotton bibs are designed to go from birth to well past teething which means that you will only need to buy one set of bibs. We shape the bibs to fit your child’s neck to ensure they are comfy and your child is less likely to object to them being there. Carefully designed folds in the fabric mean that the cotton will give a snug fit without being too tight. All of this care and attention to detail means that Funky Giraffe is both practical and funky.

Our eco-credentials

We are into the details of what we produce, for example all our fabric we purchase is certified by OEKO–TEX to be safe and free from all hazardous dyes.

We wanted to ensure the best possible print quality, but while solvent dyes are legal we saw there is a big difference between a t-shirt worn by an adult and a bib which a baby may chew that is why we use water-based dyes for our printing. Using water-based dyes can be more tricky for our staff to create but we think it’s worth it for your baby and for the environment.


See why our customers rate our service as excellent

See why our customers rate our service as excellent