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How do I know what size bandana bib to choose?

We thought is would be useful to show you the bib measurements and then you decide, after all babies are individuals!

Baby bandana bibs Neck size 30–35cm; drop from chin to point 17cm

XL bandana bibs Neck size 35–40cm; drop from chin to point 21cm

XXL bandana bibs Neck size 40–50cm; drop from chin to point 40cm


How green is the giraffe?

Here at Funky Giraffe, it is very important to us to think about the world around us, after all, it’s what all our children stand to inherit at the end of the day. So being ecologically responsible underpins all we do when it comes to the manufacturing of our products.


So what does that actually mean?

It means we try to cut down on waste as much as possible. We are committed to minimising our carbon footprint and so make every effort to reduce waste.  All raw materials, cartons, fabric scraps are sorted and  reused or if we can’t reuse, we pay for them to be recycled.


We wanna be wrap stars!

We try and use the smallest amount of packing we can when it comes to sending out your goods, whilst at the same time ensuring they arrive with you in good condition. By the way, all the packaging we use is biodegradable as it contains a special additive called Biothene®. 


We prefer children to wear our bibs, not make them!

We abhor and do not condone the use of child labour under any circumstances.  We make all our products in our very own factory and so we ensure only the very best practices are put into place.


Hypoallergenic fabrics

We want your baby to feel comfortable in our products and so we have specifically chosen fabrics designed not to irritate your baby’s delicate skin. They are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100.  We also made a conscious decision to use water-based ink when printing all our colourful designs. This method of printing, does not contain any harmful solvents or petrochemicals , which is good news for your baby’s skin and the environment.


What are our bandana bibs made of?

When we set out to manufacture our own bibs, it was with the overriding aim to produce bibs that would keep children’s clothes dry underneath.  Our bibs are super soft to touch because we use a non-fraying jersey cotton on the front. This material is great at absorbing any dribble.  We then use a fleece backing, which acts as a barrier preventing any dampness soaking through to your child’s clothes and chest.  A great deal of research and effort has gone in to achieving our finished products and we are really proud we managed to achieve our goal.  We are always thrilled by the feedback we receive from mums and dads who let us know we’ve got it spot on.

One thing’s for sure, babies do grow! So that’s why we chose to use nickel-free poppers, making the bibs fully adjustable.


Always evolving, always eco friendly, always effective

We are keen to look at using other eco friendly fabrics too. Fabrics like bamboo for example and as a result we have developed a new range of bibs in this material. Bamboo is becoming very popular due to its inherent eco qualities and also because it is an excellent fabric to use if your baby has eczema or other skin conditions, since it a very breathable, anti bacterial and hypoallergenic material. PS it also feels so luxurious!


Buy with confidence

We want you to be happy and so we offer a money-back guarantee, should you feel your purchase wasn’t what you expected. Do have a look at our feedback on FeeFo, it's entirley inderpendent reviews by our customers. 


Cotton bibs vs bandana bibs what’s the difference?

Cotton is a great choice if you live in a hot country like Australia, as it a lighter fabric. They also make a good choice if your baby has eczema or very sensitive skin as it’s also a breathable fabric. It isn’t quite as good as jersey though for preventing dribble soak through, but we like to offer you a choice.


My order is late. What do I do?

If you are not happy, we’re not happy.  We are really sorry if there appears to have been a delay in receiving your goods. We try and send out all orders one the day the order is placed and we will email you confirm the items have been sent. Please allow 15 working days for delivery. But it your items have not arrived please get in touch and we will resolve the problem as swiftly as we can.


How safe are my card details on your website?

We use  PayPay ( handle all our payment. And while we have a very high level of security we don’t store your card details or any other personal data apart from name and address. This way we keep you safe.

When you make a payment, you will be redirected to either the secure website of  PayPal or a PayPal company called Brain Tree to enter your details.

Please note: Transactions will appear as Maia's Company Ltd card statement.

To keep you safe we have all our pages secured with a SSL certificates and employ Sitelock to check our security on a daily basis.


How do I cancel an order?

If you find you have changed your mind and wish to cancel your order, then please email us at xxxx. Just be aware we do try and get our orders out as quickly as possible ( within 48 hours) and so it might mean, rather than cancelling your order you will need to follow our returns policy instead.


What is your response time for email and telephone enquiries?

We take customer support very seriously and we aim to get back to all emails within two hours working hours AEST/ACST. This may not always be possible during busy periods or holidays, but rest assured all emails will be respond to within 24 hours during the working week.

We do try and answer all telephone calls. But if you don’t get through please leave a message and we aim to respond to any message within 24 hours or less during the working week.


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do. Please email us


See why our customers rate our service as excellent

See why our customers rate our service as excellent