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About us


About Funky Giraffe

This is our story, we hope you like it and will join us as we begin our new exciting chapter here in Australia! 

Once upon a time.... in 2009 and in a land far away called England, there was a mum called Yasemin who found she had a little dribbler on her hands, in the cherubic shape of Eren, her son. Eren was a champion dribbler and Yasemin spent a great deal of time searching for the perfect bib to keep her little boy clean and dry, but to no avail. Like every modern day hero ( aka mum), Yasemin decided she would do the rescuing and set about designing and creating her very own range of bandana bibs. Since the family used to joke they would soon need their very own bib factory in order to keep up with Eren’s prodigious talent for drooling, this decided what form her mission would take!

Using her background in fashion design, Yasemin decided to grant herself her very own three wishes and set about designing stylish, practical, affordable bibs, mums and dads would enjoy choosing and buying. Funky Giraffe now has over 300 different bib designs and is available in Britain, France, Spain, Italy and now Australia!

Nowadays, it’s our customers, all you mums and dads out there, who are helping us to spread the word and create the next chapter for Funky Giraffe. As a result, we have extended our range to include more designs and more products, all developed with quality and affordability very much in mind.

If you’ve been setting out on your own quest to find the perfect solution to keep your little dribblers clothes nice and dry, we hope you will consider laying down your laptop, setting aside your google searches and consider perhaps, your mission accomplished! 








See why our customers rate our service as excellent

See why our customers rate our service as excellent